From My Window

Blog Post – From the window from which I see.  Sharing my everyday thoughts on life from my farm window.rose1

My desk is situated in my office so I can see through a large sliding glass door in front of me – it is a western view that first settles in a small flower garden that is overgrown at this time with huge bushy roses.  Just beyond the roses lies a small pasture and our outdoor riding arena that is filled with beautiful soft sand. From my desk I can often see horses munching on grass, new foals romping  and children riding their ponies and playing with dogs.  To my left is the southern 2 large picture windows.  These windows don’t offer as much to see generally but look into a draw where a small paddock will hold a horse and I can catch a glimpse of those coming up my drive.  I am blessed to be surrounded by open spaces and nature around me each day and endless views of the sky and stars at night.

We are blessed with abounding nature around us each day – from grass to tall trees, from mice to horses (if you can consider a mouse a blessing that is) – Choosing farm life to raise our family in the midst of a busy world.