Falling Leaves and Winter Grass

Ecclesiastes 3:11

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
~ Aubrey Hepburn

It is so true.  Every summer, take a solid stand to NEVER plant a garden again. After many failed attempts to grow glorious food for our family, we always seem to be hit with some sort of plague to wipe out our hours of work.  But each spring, I am renewed with hope and try again.  But now it is fall as all the trees, pastures and my humble little garden are entering their season of rest. 

But as I admire the changing of colors, which I do admit, is rather meager here in this part of Texas, the sudden delight of winter grass is poking up across the drought stricken pasture.  A soft, much need rain, has given hope to the seeds that lay in the ground and ready to grow..  The winter grass is sprouting! 

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